Graffias – based in Dhaka, Bangladesh; a creative design and marketing agency with global reach.

We offer affordable, effective and integrated range of communication services to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). We also assist corporate companies and world leading advertising and marketing agencies in their outsourcing need.

Let’s say you want to develop an integrated campaign or may need to outsource a small part of it? We are your men! We have built reliability and credibility by maintaining strictly high standards of quality, corporate guidelines, and signing non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

We also happen to have proven it, time and time again.

Who We Are?

We are a creative group of seasoned professionals with the skills of managing small to large projects in top advertising agencies and corporate companies.

We’re experienced and we know what works in design and for business – visually, textually and technologically. We also happen to have proven it, time and time again.

Being a small, multi-skilled and dedicated group we love what we do – and it shows.

What We Do?

Being a full-service integrated marketing communications agency, from planning to execution -we do it all! We can work independently, or can collaborate with other companies to manage projects for you.

Our service expertise includes branding, traditional and digital advertising, trade shows and events, photography and video, packaging and merchandising and more!

Why Us?

Web. Print. Identity. Whether you require just one or all of these communications, we can help you narrow down and define that need.

At Graffias, we have a team of forward thinkers with innovative and unique ideas that will help you successfully grow your business, increase profits, gain market share and leave your competitors’ in the dust.

Our practical and analytical approach results in fresh, targeted design and development that adds marketing value and influences consumers.

Do You Know?

Since 2007, Graffias provides B2B services and solutions in digital media industry

The company primarily provides white label services to businesses and expanding operations further offering professional training and building internet companies.